Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dip N Dart Family Swim/Run Event in San Antonio

Dip N Dart 

A Super Fun Youth and Family/Friends Team Event

When:             Saturday March 28, 2015

Where:          Texas Military Institute
                      20955 W Tejas Trail
           San Antonio Texas 78257

Time:             Packet Pick-up begins at 8:00 am,
            First Wave begins at 9:00am

Cost:                $39/team. After March 22 - $49
Click Here for Registration
All proceeds benefit the 
IconOne Multisport Youth and Junior Development Team
Interested in joining IconOne? 
Contact:  Shelly@icon1multisport.com

Event description:
A 2-person team event in which one team member must be age 7-15. The teammate can be of any age. 

Event format is swim/run x 3 in a 12 team heats.

One athlete (A) is the designated swimmer and the second(B) is the designated runner.

(A) will swim a designated distance in a 25m pool in the same lane,  They exit and tag the runner in transition zone 1.
(B) Runs to the track to complete distance then back to the pool to tag the swimmer in transition zone 2. (A) then swims snake style in the pool before exiting and tagging the runner again. (B) Repeats the run then tags the swimmer one more time. (A) repeats the swim then tags (B) for a total of (3) swims and (3) runs.
** exception is Ages 13-15 swimmers (athlete A) will remain in the same lane due to limited lane space.

Total team time is calculated and scored.

Categories: Based on age of youth/junior athlete:  Age 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15,

Awards:          Top 3 in each category.

Distances:    Age 7-8: 50m swim/200m run
Age 9-10: 100m swim/400m run
Age 11-12: 150m swim/800m run
Age 13-15: 200m swim/1200m run

No Refunds – Thank you for your support of the youth and junior team.
Registrations may be transferred
Event will be held rain or shine. In the event of a lightening, we will announce a re-scheduled date within the following week.

Need a teammate? No problem. Complete this form and we'll find one for you.

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